Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet Rob, a 2010/11 Community Reviewer

Local reviewers like Rob will see selected Broadway and Arts Alive! performances and post his reviews. He'll attend the hottest touring shows and share their opinion on all aspects of the performance – from the acting to the set design and the choreography to the storyline! Click on 'read more' to learn more about Rob.

What is your professional background? I’m a computer tech at Lawrence University. I also DJ weddings through Dorsey Entertainment and host “Rock Band Bar Night” – it’s like karaoke, but you play the video game Rock Band.
What do you do during your free time? Community theatre takes up a big part of my free time. I’ve been involved in over 50 productions.
What are some of your favorite TV shows, movies and books?
TV: Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Weeds, Dexter.
Movies: American Beauty, The Princess Bride, Inception, Contact, V for Vendetta.
Books: Harry Potter, most political and religious-themed non-fiction.
If you could star in a theatrical production, which role/show would you choose? Why?
Right now the role I most want to perform is Robert in Company. I’m a huge Stephen Sondheim fan, and I love the music in that show.

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