Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet Nancy, a 2010/11 Community Reviewer

Local reviewers like Nancy will see selected Broadway and Arts Alive! performances and post her reviews. She'll attend the hottest touring shows and share her opinion on all aspects of the performance – from the acting to the set design and the choreography to the storyline! Click 'read more' to learn more about Nancy.

What is your professional background?
Secondary Language Arts teacher – 37 years
What is your dream job?
I worked it for 37 years! What could be better than teaching teens the appreciation of great literature?!
What do you do during your free time?
Read, attend shows and athletic events, volunteer, garden, cook/bake, time with grandchildren
If you could star in a theatrical production, which role/show would you choose? Why?
Elizabeth in Paint Your Wagon because it’s such a fun musical set in such a glamorous time – Gold Rush – and it has great music. I even liked the movie!

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