Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Community Review: South Pacific, A Performance That Stays With You

Last night after seeing Roger & Hammerstein's South Pacific at the Fox Cities P.A.C., I left with a feeling of hope and a little bounce in my step. After Carmen Cusack's, who played Nellie, opening number I could tell the show was filled with a compelling story line accompanied with strong vocals. South Pacific's magnifcent stage design and costumes, intriguing plot and the talented performers made me feel like I was right there on the naval base with them.

The first thing I noticed when the show began, was the beautiful set and costumes. Everything was very detailed and intricate, which helped me feel like I was on the island. The back-drop of the Bali Ha'i island added so much mystery to the performance, it made me want to escape to the island as much as Billis and Joe wanted to. One prop I especially enjoyed was the massive plane that sat on the left side of the stage for most of Act I. The accuracy in the costumes from the swimming suits to the shoes and naval uniforms were very impressive.

Obviously this performance could not have been so great without the talented performers. Each character was so strong and played their part with so much dedication from start  to finish. From Billis' quirks, Nellie's intense passion and Bloody Mary's ridiculousness, each character developed throughout the play beautfully and made each part quite enjoyable to watch. The singing was incredible and each song was sang with passion. The group numbers were so strong and filled with individual talent yet flowed together perfectly.

The themes of love and running away to something better were carried flawlessly throughout the whole performance. Even at 17, I could relate and enjoyed how the problems progressed throughout the show.

At the end of the show I felt sad, hopeful, relieved, everything the characters felt. I left with a little bounce in my step as the songs stuck in my head. Overall, I was extremely pleased and impressed. Anyone planning to go see the show will not regret it!

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