Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Community Review: South Pacific 9/14/10

When doing my research on South Pacific I found it to be a story of two romances that takes place on a naval base in the South Pacific. After seeing the show, it's so much more than simple love stories. The show entices you with beautiful sets and then completely envelops you with its energy, comedy, emotion and athletic ability. 

Since I am not a military aficionado, I appreciate how Rodgers and Hammerstein brought forward the military theme and characters without getting too technical or detailed. They incorporated humor and action with the military jargon to keep me entertained.

My hats off to the lighting crew in this production. They were able to offer the audience a crystal blue ocean, stunning sunsets and warplanes that seem to fly directly at us. (At one point I believe I ducked down in my seat just to be on the safe side). It was a fantastic addition to the show.

My only negative comment was to the few audience members who fled the auditorium as soon as the house lights came on. I appreciate the responsibilities we all have to rush back too, however, this cast just performed an incredible 3-hour show solely for our entertainment and I believe that showing them our appreciation through a few moments of applause is not a lot to ask.

I encourage your feedback and enjoy the show.

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