Saturday, May 19, 2012

Show & Tell: RAIN - A Tribute to the Beatles Brings Mop Top Mania to Appleton

Put your dancing shoes on and take a trip down memory lane with RAIN – A Tribute to the Beatles when Beatle mania makes a stop at the Fox Cities P.A.C. in Appleton this weekend.

The multimedia Beatles experience is complete with large screens transporting the audience back to “the good old days” with the images and sounds of the phenomenon that was the Beatles during a volatile and pivotal time for the world and our country.

The living documentary of RAIN gives audience members the opportunity to experience iconic times in American history no matter what their age. Although this reviewer had yet to be born, this thirty-year-old feels as if she had a seat in the Ed Sullivan Theater for the Beatles American debut and as if she stormed the field during the concert at Shea Stadium.

RAIN inspires its audience members to truly experience the Beatles. There were young and old fans alike on their feet singing and dancing. There were girls crying and screaming, although most of them were no longer girls but women who had been transported back to a time they had thought they lost.

RAIN band members Steve Landes, Joey Curatolo, Joe Bithorn, Ralph Castelli and Mark Beyer have been living, breathing and preforming everything Beatles their entire lives - and it shows. They execute not only every note, but every head bob, sway and toe tap so seamlessly that at times it is almost eerie.

Playing a complete songbook of Beatles favorites, RAIN is an all-around crowd pleaser. Mega fans and younger Beatles novices alike are guaranteed to leave the theater with a few favorites stuck in their heads.

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  1. RAIN was awesome. I love the beatles. Well I thought I loved the beatles till I went to the RAIN show and learned and I hadn't even begun to understand how great they were. I am glad these guys are getting the buzz they are, because more of the younger generation needs to experience the show to appreciate a piece of what the beatles did to our prior generation!

    Love you guys! Keep up the great work!