Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Test Your Sally Struthers Knowledge!

Sally Struthers stars in Hello, Dolly! Catch her this week during two performances of the show.

Before you see the actress on stage, test your knowledge of her career with the trivia below!
1. In what two years did Sally Struthers win an Emmy for her role as Gloria in “All in the Family?”
2. On what television series did Sally Struthers play the role of Babette Dell?
3. What is Sally Struthers’ middle name?
4. What is Sally Struthers’ astrological sign?
5. What was Gloria Bunker’s last name after she married “Meathead?”
6. In what Broadway show did Sally Struthers co-star with Rita Moreno?
7. In what show did Sally Struthers make her Broadway debut?
8. For what role is Sally Struthers known in Grease?
9. In what 1970 Academy Award-nominated film did Sally Struthers co-star?
10. Where was Sally Struthers born?
11. What is the name of Sally Struthers only child?
12. On what show did Sally Struthers make her television debut?
13. What is Sally Struthers’ nickname?
14. How tall is Sally Struthers?
15. On what soap opera did Sally Struthers appear regularly in February 2002?

Sally Struthers stars as Dolly in Hello, Dolly!

1. 1972 and 1979
2. “Gilmore Girls”
3. Anne
4. Leo (She was born July 28, 1947)
5. Stivic
6. The Odd Couple
7. Wally’s Cafe
8. Miss Lynch
9. “Five Easy Pieces”
10. Portland, Ore.
11. Samantha
12. a Herb Alpert special
13. “Little Girl”
14. 5’ 1”
15. “General Hospital”

See Hello, Dolly! Oct. 30-31. Tickets start at $40. Get yours now ... “It Only Takes a Moment!”

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