Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Join the Keystone Community Challenge to Play a Role in Raising $25 Million

Be a Part of our Community’s Great Success Story!

The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center,  a non-profit arts and cultural education organization,  announces the launch of the Keystone Campaign Community Challenge. This is the latest phase of the Keystone Campaign, a $25 million endowment to support the Fox Cities P.A.C. now and for future generations. The Keystone Campaign is vital to continue the Center’s mission of being a gathering place for patrons to experience world-class theater, including culturally diverse and educational performances. The Keystone fund also will support long-range needs ensuring it’s sustainability through future volatility.

The Campaign:
  • The Keystone Campaign endows the Center’s long-term sustainability. Best practices for performing arts centers dictate that our Center should have an endowment that equals at least 200 percent of annual operating expenses. The Board of Directors endorsed a $25 million campaign, equaling 208 percent* of the average $12 million gross operating expenses.

  • This campaign will be achieved by a combination of multi-year cash gifts and legacy commitments.

  • To date, we have raised $19 million in cash, pledges and legacy commitments toward our $25 million goal.

Announcing our Community Challenge:
  • Four community leaders have generously created a $2 million Community Challenge Pool.

  • For every $2 we raise, the Challenge Pool will contribute $1.

  • We need to raise $4 million from our community to leverage the $2 million pool.

  • The $2 million pool and the $4 million raised through the Community Challenge will achieve the Keystone Campaign $25 million goal.

How YOU can participate:
  • Your gift to the Community Challenge can be a multi-year cash pledge and/or a legacy commitment.

  • You have an opportunity to help raise the final $4 million and secure the future of the Center.

  • Please make a multi-year cash pledge and/or a legacy commitment, demonstrating your generosity for generations to come.

  • We are almost there and we need you now!


For more information on the Keystone Campaign, contact Diane Zempel, Keystone Campaign manager, at (920) 730-3731 or visit foxcitiespac.com.

*200-500 percent of annual operating expenses in the benchmark range set by National Arts Strategies Fund

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