Thursday, April 5, 2012

High Stakes Juggling with The Flying Karamazov Brothers

The Flying Karamazov Brothers are known for their juggling skills, vaudevillian genius and what they refer to as the “funny” they bring to every show. The Flying K’s are on their way to the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center Saturday, April 14, and their high stakes juggling and highbrow high jinks will definitely leave the audience wondering, “How did they do that?” And more importantly, “Why?”

The New York Press promises, “many a hazardous object will be tossed, flung, spat and hurled” across the stage, but, bet you didn’t know you can get in on the action! Bring a prop from home for The Flying K’s to juggle, and put their skills to the test in a contest called “The Gamble.”
Selecting the props by audience applause, The Flying Karamazov Brothers have a tradition of picking three objects that ticket holders bring from home. They can make up to three modifications, and then, it’s crunch time. If they succeed, you owe them a standing ovation. If they fail, they’ll be dodging a pie in the face. 
Before you pack up the pooch or grandma’s china, remember a few guidelines. There’s no guarantee that anything will survive “The Gamble,” and to level the playing field, props must:
     1) Weigh more than an ounce
     2) Weigh less than 10 pounds
     3) Qualify as “no bigger than a breadbox”
     4) Not include live animals!
Like their name, The Flying Karamazov Brothers are as bewildering as they are brilliant. With tickets starting at $20, bring the whole family and get ready for a show you’ll never forget!

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