Monday, October 17, 2011

Congrats to the Les Misérables Trivia Winners

Over the past five days, the Fox Cities P.A.C. has been testing your knowledge about one of this season’s most anticipated Broadway titles, Les Misérables. Thanks for playing along, and if you took a guess, find out if you were right!

Day 1: Who wrote Les Misérables and created artwork that’s included in the new 25th Anniversary production?
    Answer: Victor Hugo wrote Les Misérables

Day 2: How many loaves of French bread appear in Les Mis each week?
    Answer: 8 loaves

Day 3: How many people will perform with the cast of Les Misérables November 15-20 at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center?
    Answer: 38!

Day 4: How many Tony Awards has Les Misérables won?
    Answer: 8 Tony Awards 

Day 5: For what crime does Jean Valjean become prisoner 24601?
    Answer: Stealing a loaf of bread

Congratulations to
 Karie Mindock
 Jeanee Martens 
Jennifer Woldt (aka Badgerjen2002) 
Joy Fritz Paffenroth 
Peg McEwen

The five winners above, selected at random, will receive a copy of “Les Misérables Live! The 2010 Cast Album New 25th Anniversary Production.” Prizes can be picked up in-person at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center ticket office!

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