Saturday, October 22, 2011

Show & Tell: In The Mood

In 1940, the song at the top of the American charts was Glenn Miller’s “In the Mood”, and today, Bud Forrest’s concert extravaganza by the same name is successfully crossing the country in its eighteenth international tour. In the Mood presents audiences with a full program by the String of Pearls Orchestra in collaboration with the In The Mood Singers & Dancers.
In just the first act, the performers showcased a variety of classic tunes, both upbeat and sentimental, which portrayed the time period beautifully and captured the whim of the audience. Despite minor technical issues, the instrumentalists and dancers performed with great energy and the interspersed narration assured a smooth flow between numbers. The singers and dancers were very engaging and even involved audience in “Hey! Ba Ba Re Bop”. Unexpectedly the String of Pearls Orchestra also participated in some of the visual performance aspects of the show, as they “danced” along with their instruments and marched through the audience.
The second act focused on the war taking place in the early ‘40s, and had a bit of a story woven through to keep the songs cohesive. An air of entertainment was certainly kept up, as humorous songs like “What Do You Do In the Infantry” and the crowd-pleaser “Say That We’re Sweethearts Again” were interjected between more serious numbers. One portion of the show was dedicated to honoring current and former members of the United Sates military, as the orchestra and singers performed the anthems of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, while recognizing the respective members of the audience.
Overall, the singers, dancers, and musicians celebrated America with patriotic entertainment and without a doubt got the audience in the mood!

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