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Q&A with Vusi Mhlongo of Disney’s The Lion King

Q&A with Vusi Mhlongo of Disney’s The Lion King

Vusi Mhlongo
Disney's The Lion King is a worldwide phenomenon, and it brings together a talented cast with ties around the globe. Vusi Mhlongo, a member of the ensemble, sat down with us to share about his journey from his home in Durban, South Africa to the Fox Cities P.A.C. stage.

Fox Cities P.A.C.: How long have you been performing with Disney’s The Lion King?

Vusi Mhlongo: I've been performing with the show for 11 years.

FCPAC: What is your favorite role in the ensemble and how does it add to the production?

VM: I enjoy all my ensemble roles in the show, but my favorite is singing "Circle of Life." My part adds authenticity and uniqueness to the show with my South African culture and experience.

FCPAC: How does The Lion King remind you of South Africa?

VM: The music, the harmonies, the rhythm and all aspects of the show remind me of South Africa. Also I'm reminded that I'm here because I'm a South African and makes me proud to share my culture.

FCPAC: Do you think being from South Africa gives you a unique perspective on the show?

VM: The songs to me have a profound meaning with themes of courage and hope in the face of adversity.

FCPAC: As an actor you’ve toured Europe and now the United States. What have been your favorite places to perform and why?

VM: That is a hard question because I've been to so many places. I like a lot of the United States' cities because of a lot of good people I've met in these places. And also I've learned a lot about the United States because of the tour. Every city has its own experience.

FCPAC: What do you hope audiences take away from The Lion King and its portrayal of the African savannah?

VM: With The Lion King experience I hope the audience gets to appreciate Africa and the beauty that comes from it through our diverse culture and the natural world.

You can see Vusi and more than 48 talented actors create theater magic with Disney’s The Lion King tonight through Sunday, May 5. For tickets, call the ticket office at (920) 730-3760 or visit!

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