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Lion King Pride - Little Known Facts About Broadway's Biggest Blockbuster

Lion King Pride
Little Known Facts About Broadway's Biggest Blockbuster

Did you know?
The tallest animals in the show are the four, 18-foot exotic giraffes from “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.”  The two giraffes in “Circle of Life” are 14 feet high.  Two actors trained in stilt-walking, climb 6-foot ladders to fit inside the puppets, mount stilts and enter stage left to cross the stage.

“The Giraffes” in the opening number “The Circle of Life” from THE LION KING National Tour.  ÓDisney.  Photo Credit:  Joan Marcus.  
Six Languages are spoken in the show: Swahili, Zulu, Xhosa (the click language), Sotho, Tswana and Congolese.
The Timon meerkat puppet weighs 15 pounds.

Nick Cordileone as “Timon” and Ben Lipitz as “Pumbaa” in THE LION KING National Tour. 
©Disney.  Photo Credit:  Joan Marcus.  

The North American touring production (launched in April 2002) uses 18 trucks to transport puppets, set pieces and other materials from city to city. Fourteen of the trucks are 53’ long semi-trailers.

The most complicated set piece is Pride Rock, which appears five times during each performance.  On tour, Pride Rock is a battery-powered set piece which expands out like an accordion to 18’ wide at its fullest position onstage and compresses to 8’ when it is offstage in the wings.  Learn more about Pride Rock at ROAR on April 22!

“Circle of Life”.  ©Disney.  Photo Credit:  Joan Marcus.  

Inside the Fox Cities P.A.C.: 

Over 11,000 bottles of water will be sold.

8,640 Volunteer hours will be donated.

287 different groups will attend; ranging in size from 15 – 336 attendees each!

6,000 ounces of specialty drink will be consumed.

1,500 Annual Partners will visit the Partners Lounge.

See Disney's The Lion King at the Fox Cities P.A.C. tonight through May 5!

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