Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enchanting Night at Beauty and The Beast

Last night, at the opening of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast it was an enchanting night. At the moment we walked in we were transported into a magical world. The set was amazing. The voices and instrumentation beautiful, the acting well done. We loved the costuming. It was incredible! From the moment Emily Behny (Belle) rise into her first big number there’s no question that the production is above and beyond. An excellent clean sound and a stable mix are as necessary to the hit of a musical as the endowment of the performers.

Dane Agostinis (Beast) lives up to expectations in all matter. Logan Denninghoff (Gaston) is wonderful on all view playing the pretentious and terminally vain scoundrel of the story. Andrew Kruep (Lefou) brings humor to the role of Gaston’s frequently abused assistant.

Merritt David Janes (Lumiere) leads absolutely over a wonderfully staged “Be Our Guest” number that has dancing plates and kitchen gadgets filling the stage. Keith Kirkwood (Cogsworth), Erin Elizabeth Coors (Babette) and Sabina Petra (Mrs. Potts) join as remarkable members of the charming and enchanted castle’s staff.

A must see!

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