Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beauty and the Beast: Edge of Seat Entertainment

The Center never fails to entertain, and Disney's Beauty and the Beast is no exception! From the opening sets, colorful and intriguing, to the grand finale, the show is magnificent! Everyone in the family will enjoy this much-beloved classic.

Opening night is a special event, of course, but this production is a special event on its own.
The sets are gorgeous and fascinating. The acting is top-notch with outstanding acoustics in the entire Fox Cities P.A.C. The colors and motion are riveting, moving the plot along flawlessly, while enaging the audience in the antics. The costuming is perfect, colorful, and eye-pleasing and unique.

The live orchestra is a treat! The music familiar and emotional, wafts out of the orchestra pit engulfing the listeners in nostalgia. The sound is as special as the compelling storyline. This is entertainment at its best!

Disney's Beauty and the Beast is a spellbinding production filled with talented players, an acrobatic sensation, surprising special effects involving the audience, and choreography beyond the imagination. The entire production is staged to a backdrop of double entendre and a play on words that keeps it fresh and lively.

The audience response was genuine and spontaneous throughout. There were chuckles, groans, and full out laughs as the troupe presented its original interpretation of the ageless story of the beauty and the beast. Great entertainment!

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