Monday, December 13, 2010

Prepping for Cirque Dreams Illumination

Cirque Dreams Illumination will be making its way to the Fox Cities this week, bringing with it 26 performers and world-class athletes. In preparation, we’ll be doing some major grocery shopping because according to Neil Goldberg, the artistic director and creator of Cirque Dreams, "They eat constantly!" 

According to Goldberg, each two-hour Cirque Dreams performance requires the same stamina as an NBA basketball game or NFL football game. "On the average, a performer can lose up to five pounds per show,” said Goldberg. 

Have the performers of Cirque Dreams discovered a magical formula that we don't know about? While on tour, the cast will eat an average of four meals per day including breakfast, lunch, a preshow dinner and a postshow dinner.

So what does the grocery list look like for a week in the life of Cirque Dreams Illumination?
• 50 pounds of celery 
• 50 pounds of tomatoes 
• 50 pounds of spinach 
• 50 pounds of carrots 
• 500 heads of lettuce 
• 500 pounds of assorted fruits 
• 2,000 gallons of bottled water 
• 500 protein bars 
• 100 pounds of chicken 
• 100 pounds ground beef 
• 800 slices of bread 

Seeing as this is Wisconsin, we may try to sneak in a few cheese curds and brats for their official welcome to the Fox Cities. Are there other Wisconsin favorites we should recommend?

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