Friday, November 12, 2010

REVIEW: A Chorus Line

If you are looking for a show that has glitzy costumes and fancy set designs this is not the show for you. It takes place on a black stage with a few mirrors used. Once you get past the lack of bling you get involved in the lives of the actors and their stories. I promise you, you will relate to at least of of the characters. I related to the one born on July 4th (like me). 

The talk about broken homes, difficult childhoods, the energy and excitement of being young, the wisdom and experience of not being young, the pursuit of your first job and the uncertaintly of your career coming to a end. They sing about the tough teenage years and add humor to the struggles we all had at that time in our lives.

They also posed the question that if you couldn't do the job that you are doing right now . . . what would you be doing? So what's your answer? It sure made me think.

I encourage your feedback and check back for my review of Wicked.  If you haven't gotten your tickets call the ticket office today.


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