Friday, November 5, 2010

Ailey II Striking

The experience that I live last night with Ailey ll was stunning! Using a very pleasing choreography, the dancers were shown to good effect both as a group and as individuals. The dancers were so remarkable. I was amused at their synchronize movements as well as their physical stamina.
In addition to the pop influenced pieces, there were sections that were very balletic and jazzy. The dancers transmitted to you a desire to move and energize your bodies, with their endless vigor.  Some of the dances, through the use of light, hand movements and costumes, transmitted a calm, peaceful and gracious environment. On the other hand, the colorful costumes and bright lights of Revelations with traditional spiritual songs of the American South reached out and touched the hearts of the audience. The dancers truly brought the music to life and transported you back in time, leaving the audience standing in complete ovation.

Ailey II is a wonderful vehicle for dance bringing a whole new language to life. I took my 10 year old daughter with me and she was captivated and inspired by the talents of such hard working dancers.
 We left the theater thrilled!

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