Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Phantom by the Numbers

The spectacular new production of The Phantom of the Opera is coming to the Fox Cities 11-22. Think you know everything Phantom? See what it takes to pull together one of the largest shows touring the country!

75 local stagehands are hired in every market to load the production into the theater
35 local stagehands are used for each performance
20 trucks are used to move the production from city to city (16 trucks in the building, 4 more trucks for the jump/advance)

Linda Balgord as Madame Giry. Photo by Matthew Murphy.
• The design incorporates not only original Maria Bj√∂rnson designs from the original but also designs by Maria that were never used for Phantom before.
• There are a few pieces from the original production that are over 25 years old used in this production.
• Over 1,200 costume pieces used during the show.
• Each ballet girl goes through a pair of ballet shoes every 2-3 weeks
• Madame Giry has only 1 costume

Julia Udine and Cooper Grodin. Photo by Matthew Murphy. 

• Over 120 wigs travel with Phantom
• About 50 wigs are used in the show every night
• All wigs are made from human hair except for 5
• Stock of about 50 mustaches

• Phantom uses over 200 speakers
• Approximately 50 are used just for the surround sound package

• Over 85 moving lights in the design that utilizes 4 different kinds of haze/smoke effects.

• Over 6,000 beads are on the chandelier
• Each strand has 632 beads
• The chandelier weighs 1 ton
• This new chandelier was designed by Howard Eaton (who designed the Olympic rings for the London ceremonies)

• The main scenic wall weighs 10 tons and rotates around the stage
• The 2 opera boxes scenic elements together take up a full truck to travel from city to city
The Company performs Hannibal. Photo by Matthew Murphy. 
• 17 orchestra members plus conductor perform Andrew Lloyd Webber’s magnificent score every performance

Don't miss this spectacular new production! Tickets are on sale now and begin at $49. Visit foxcitiespac.com for details.

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