Thursday, July 25, 2013

Coordinating a Group Sale at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center


Why purchase tickets as a group? 
Seeing a show is so much fun and who wouldn’t want to attend a performance with others? By getting a few couples together for a date night, talking to your neighbors, church members or coworkers, it is very easy to get a group together for a night out. Securing great seats, saving money on the tickets, having fun, creating lasting memories – that is what it is all about!

Do all performances offer group sales? What are the benefits of purchasing as a group?
Many of the performances offer group discounts, some up to 25% which is a huge incentive to reserve group tickets. In addition, being able to secure seats in advance of the public guarantees some of the best seats in the theater. Group minimums vary by show but the majority require 10 or more people to attend the same performance.

What if a group wants to add more people after they've purchased a group sale?
No problem – once the group minimum requirement is met, we are always happy to add on additional group members at the same ticket price as your original group.

Does the group sit together?
This is something the group leader can decide. The group is welcome to all sit together in one area or can be split up, taking advantage of the various prices and seating levels available throughout the theater.

Can each member of my group call to pay for their tickets?
A group sale must be paid for by one method of payment (i.e. a credit card or check). As the group leader, it is your responsibility to collect the monies from each of your group members and pay us directly. One of the best benefits of ordering group tickets early is the flexibility to put down a 25% deposit to hold the seats and then paying the remaining balance approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the show.

Do you have a mailing list that will notify my of new performance with group sales pricing options?
Yes, we do! Email us at and we can certainly add you to our group sales mailing list to be one of the first to learn about new shows.

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