Sunday, March 25, 2012

Show & Tell Review: STOMP

If I ever find the proverbial "genie in a bottle" my first wish, without hesitation, would be to have musical talent. I admire people that have that gift, I really admire them. Suffice it to say, I completely admire and was awed by the cast of STOMP. The performers in STOMP are among some of the most gifted musicians I've ever seen; it's a different talent that someone on "American Idol" or in the New York Philharmonic, but wow, these guys rock!

If you're not familiar with STOMP, the basis for the show is rhythm. There are eight performers in the cast, and they make some incredible sounds with everyday items, things you'd never associate with music. Who would have guessed that music can be created from items like brooms, match boxes, basketballs, folding chairs, newspapers or tractor tire tubes - to name just a few. The show also incorporates some dance and an incredibly funny comedy vibe. There are no lines or speaking parts in the show but the characters still have roles. The audience was constantly laughing as the actors carried out their "dialogue" using actions, props and very powerful facial expressions.

Having seen STOMP twice before, I knew what I was in for. I also knew my boys would love it. Friday just happened to be Ethan's tenth birthday, so our entire family headed to the Fox Cities P.A.C. for some family fun. I didn't prepare them for the show or tell them much about it at all; I wanted them to experience it for themselves. As the show began, there were many questions, things like, "Mom, why is that guy sweeping?," "Is he going to say something?," "What is he doing?," and "Was that supposed to happen?" To each question I replied, "Just watch and see." As the show went on their eyes grew wider and the smiles never left their faces. They were amazed by the sounds coming from the stage. I think both of them gained a new appreciation for what music is and for where it comes from.

One thing that becomes quickly apparent to anyone watching STOMP ... music comes from the heart. It flows from people that have the gift and manifests itself in some of the most beautiful and unique ways imaginable.

STOMP is a beautiful show filled with extremely talented musicians. I have a hard time imagining the individual that would not enjoy this performance. For my boys, this was there first professional performance. They both loved STOMP, and I guarantee with an experience like this under their belts they will be long-time lovers of theater and of music!

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