Thursday, November 3, 2011

In the Know About Les Misérables

It’s no secret that Les Misérables ranks up there with Phantom of the Opera and CATS as one of the world’s most recognizable Broadway shows. But like any great work of art, there are a thousand layers to explore with this performance.

Whether it’s a personal favorite or you’re thinking of seeing it for the first time, we thought we’d share a link to There you’ll find a host of information including a full synopsis, videos, a study guide (great for adults too!) and a dynamic timeline starting with the French Revolution. Beware of spoilers, but in truth, the history of Les Misérables may be just as interesting as the show.

One of my favorite tidbits is the site’s account of Victor Hugo’s inspiration. On the streets of Paris in 1845, Hugo witnessed the moment that would set Les Mis in motion. 

Hugo looked on as an impoverished man was arrested for stealing a loaf of bread. As the man stood in the streets, he saw a dazzlingly beautiful woman in an ornate carriage completely unaware of his plight. Hugo wrote, “The moment he became aware of her existence, while she remained unaware of his, a catastrophe was inevitable.” Now, 166 years later, Hugo’s observation of a stranger has touched the hearts of 55 million people in 41 countries. 

As you connect the real-life revolutions, an intriguing novelist, the book’s transition to the stage and its place in theater history, the story of Les Misérables’ success makes for an interesting read and one amazing Broadway performance.

For more information on Les Misérables playing November 15-20 at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, visit today.

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