Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some Sisterly Advice from Late Night Catechism's Diana Carl Alioto

Last week, we had a few minutes to sit down with Sister (actress Diana Carl Alioto) and discuss some of the latest trends in weddings. As the resident expert in 'Til Death Do Us Part: Late Nite Catechism 3, she has some great advice.

Q) Full-length ceremony, shortened version or elopement?
A) Eh, eh, eh, elopment? Never. Not in the good Catholic Church. And with a shortened version, you're skipping out on the mass. I prefer a full-length ceremony complete with the taking of the Eucharist and all that stuff.

Q) Veil or no veil?
A) I think it's pretty much up to the girls these days 'cause they have all kinds of new fangled hairdos. In the old days, we had to wear a hat in church. I cover my head every day, so you can spend a couple hours in a sheer veil.

Q) Personalized or Traditional vows?
A) With modern vows, women try to take out the obey line. I got news for you. I took a vow of obedience. It's one of my three vows. If I have to do it, you have to do it.

Q) Bubbles or birdseed for a grant exit?
A) I say bubbles, and I'll tell you why. Have you ever been hit in the head with birdseed? Bubbles are light. 

A special message from Sister for her followers in Appleton!

Q) How many is too many when it comes to bridesmaids?
A) Depends on how many friends you have. Do you really have 17 girlfriends who want to shell out $1,300 apiece? You should do what my sister did. She said the people that stood up in her wedding were close enough to her that if she needed $500, she could call them up. If they wouldn't give her the money or she'd be embarrassed to ask, she didn't ask them. So think about it. You could probably count on one hand how many people would lend you $500.

Q) What's your rule of thumb on bridesmaid dresses?
A) Ladies, think about the Blessed Mother and her neckline and her hemline in all those pictures. We don't see Mary wearing strapless dresses and miniskirts.  So think about that when you plan your dresses. And she's always wearing blue, the color of virginity. I think you should consider a nice shade of blue for your girls.

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