Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's a Reading?

Since news broke last week that the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center is brining Lombardi: A Reading by the Broadway Cast to Northeast Wisconsin July 28-30, people have been asking, “What’s a reading?” 

A reading is a dramatic run through of a play or musical in which the writing is the star. The actors read the script with a full range of dramatic intensity, but without the costumes, props and staging, the essence of the story captures your attention with powerful effects.
For most shows, readings are a key part of the creative process as the words of a playwright move to the stage. These readings happen every day throughout the country for plays as large as Broadway productions and as small as high school rehearsals. Sometimes they are private sessions, as creative teams work through timing and flow. After a play is produced, public readings allow producers to share a play with new audiences. 

Lombardi: A Reading by the Broadway Cast will bring the story and legend of Vince Lombardi to life with his famous words and the thrilling play he inspired by Wisconsin playwright Eric Simonson. Want to learn more? CLICK HERE for details on the show, ticket information and special opportunities to interact with the Broadway cast!

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