Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jay Johnson: The Two and Only!

The audience was treated to an afternoon of  ventriloquism and history.  The history part consisted of witchcraft, sorcerers and magicians and the tricks that they would play on unsuspecting villages by throwing their voices.  We also got an understanding of how Jay became a ventriloquist and his life long dedication to the art. 

He introduced us to his entertaining "cast of characters" and YES, even Bob made an appearance.  Since it was in such a intimate setting I felt like Bob was talking directly to me and brought me back to my childhood. 

My only "thumbs down" was to the person in the theater who neglected to turn off their cell phone. During the most moving part of Jay's life story, yup you guessed it, had their phone ring with some sort of country song.  They then took their phone out and silenced the ringer.  It bother the audience and unfortunately ruined the moment for Jay.  My deepest apologies Jay for that person's rudeness but we thank you for a great show.

Thanks for supporting your Fox Cities P.A.C., and as always, I welcome your comments.

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