Saturday, April 16, 2011

American Legacies: Review

It all started with the toes.  They would slowly tap along with the music respectfully, being sure not to get out of hand (after all this is the Fox Cities P.A.C.).  Then the knee and the rest of the leg would join the beat, moving up and down, getting stronger with every note. Your hand couldn't help but take part in the action. They would slap the knee that was already in motion, forming a cymbal type effect. Before you knew what hit you the head bob started, almost on it's own. Nodding in agreement to every beat. Then you just sat back and let the music take you wherever it wanted to. 

That is what I experienced last night at "American Legacies."  My hands hurt at the end because we clapped so often for so many reasons. For solo performances, to keep with the beat, and sometimes because I just couldn't help myself. I found it incredibly difficult to stay in my seat. Our row of seats were moving so much I thought the supports below us were going to snap off, but that would've just given us a reason to stand up and dance. 

Finally when the encore came we got our chance to dance around the theater (and out to the lobby, I might add) to "When the Saints Go Marching In."  It was perfect timing. My feet were ready for dancing and my hands were still clapping, so we joined the procession and finished the night with smiles on our faces.

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