Monday, October 25, 2010

Community Review: A Night at Broadway

Last night I attended Neil Berg’s 100 Years Of Broadway, this show was fabulous from start to finish. The music, hit songs from Broadway, and the performers were excellent in every way. Neil Berg on the piano was wonderful as well as the other musicians.

If you love the music of Andrew Lloyd Weber, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Neil Berg, Cole Porter, Gershwin, Billy Joel and so many more greats, well then, you MUST attend Neil Berg's 100 Years of Broadway. SO much wonderful entertainment compiled and presented by the gifted voices of Calvert, Rob Evan, Robert DuSold and the amazing Ted Levy with his magnificent Tap.

If you enjoy musicals I totally recommend this to everyone. It is fresh and energizing, and the enthusiasm of the performers would take you back to the best of the Broadway shows. I loved it!!!

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